Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Royal Croquet Club?

When is the Royal Croquet Club?

When is Royal Croquet Club open during Fringe?

Is cash and/or card accepted at Royal Croquet Club?

Where is the Royal Croquet Club being held?

When is Happy Hour?

How much does RCC cost?

Do I have to buy tickets?

What is Big River Motel?

Do I need to pay to get into Big River Motel?

How do I get into Neon Forest?

How much does Neon Forest cost?

What food is available at RCC?

Who can attend RCC?

Do you have restricted areas for those consuming alcohol?

Is there any parking close by?

What are the main entry points?

What is the closest train station to RCC?

Will there be First Aid there?

What if it rains or is very hot?

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Can I smoke in the RCC?

Can I bring my dog?

I’ve lost something – who can I contact to find it?

What is the dress code?

How can I gain media accreditation for the RCC?

I would like to have a function at the RCC, how can I organize this?

I want to get involved in next year’s RCC!

What food and beverages will you have on offer?

Can I poster or flyer at the event?

Can I perform or busk at the RCC?

Can I take photos and film at the RCC?

Can I swap my ticket for another show once I’ve bought it?

How do I find out more info on the event?

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